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The largest network of software engineers standing by to solve your bounties as quickly as possible with the highest quality code


Ship faster at scale with Engi



Save copious amounts of time and money by allowing developers to start working immediately while always only paying for the very best results


Global, 24/7

No timezones or borders means product is always moving foward at lightning speed


Bring Your Stack

Engi works for any automated quality assurance process. Watch your project improve faster than ever

How It Works?

Engi is a platform for contactless engineering engagements. Provide precise specifications of your products' needs along with token funding - developers around the world then start right away

Reduce overhead  Accelerate shipping  Increase qualityCompetition pressurizes engineering output, rather than interviewing skills, allowing code cost and quality to be respectively market min-maxed
EngiEngi saves time and money using itself for its own development needs
~1/100cost per developer hour
~10xfaster time-to-code-completion
24/7active product development


Insert labor economics as low as your stack

Integrate on-demand engineering into your development cycles using the full-stack tools, languages, and frameworks you know and love from React and Hardhat to Python and TypeScript to Docker and Github


Who's using Engi?

Automatically measurable progress is all that's needed to engage Engi's global developer network

Web3 & Blockchain Teams

Bounty-driven development better prepares protocols for audits and saves on implementation costs

UI Design & Engineering Teams

Provide designs, receive pixel-perfect CSS. With Jest+Engi, ship apps, test behaviors, and more

Libraries & SDKs Authors

Validated business logic benchmarked and style-guide adherent delivered fast

Top Developers

The Elite Builders pushing the envelope every day

32 bounties12.8 total earned

Our Investors

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